The magic of Christmas...literally

When I was 9 years old, I remember waking up on Christmas day, sitting opening my presents but one caught my eye, the "Britain’s Got Talent Magic Kit” it was amazing. From that, I remember being hooked, I could not sleep until I mastered every magic trick in the box. I then started performing my own shows… in the living room. About a couple of years after I started performing at friends and family parties. I took every opportunity I could get. In 2018 as well as performing at many events including performing at many of the Christmas premiers for Oden Cinema I decided to take on my biggest challenge yet, I would perform my own one hour show in The oldest music hall in the world BRITTANIA PANOPTICON MUSIC HALL. the place where many famous people had gone before me – Stan Laurel made his debut on the very stage. I took the challenge and I did it. In June, another magician told me about a competition “The Young Scottish Magician of the Year” this was where the best young magicians would compete head to head for the title of the 2018 title. After everyone had competed and the scores were in the judges announced the winner… Brandon Barrett. I was in shock, I was so happy, it was a crazy achievement.
After how the year had gone, I decided to go another step further, so I decided to take this show to the Edinburgh fringe festival performing over 25 shows in 15 days – this was crazy and at times it was tough but worth it, I gained so much experience from this opportunity. Although I am one of the UK’S youngest professional magicians you can see I have gained much experience from the many events and festivals I have performed at. I would love to add your special day to the resume.