I am often asked the question “how can you stand on stage and perform in front of people you have never met before?” I guess it all comes down to confidence in what I am doing.

Every day we brush our teeth, eat food and go to the toilet with ease because we are subconsciously confident in what we are doing.

For example, if you have ever mopped a tiled floor you will know from a distance it looks shiny or even brand new. But if you get down on your knees and close up, you’ll see the scratches, cracks and small imperfections start to show. From a distance you do not see them as you are looking at the bigger picture but focusing closely on the minor details then flaws will start to show, if you have ever experienced depression or know anything about it, it is mostly brought on by focusing on the flaws “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m fat, stupid, useless” but as soon as you focus on the little things you are only going to see your flaws and nothing else.

To gain confidence you need to learn to put yourself to the side and think about your goals and understand the bigger picture and only then you will become more confident in yourself and in what you’re doing.